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"A Shared Commitment"

Working Together Makes Us Stronger

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Mission Statement

The Alliance shares a deep commitment to people with disabilities and their families in our community. Our purpose is to combine our voices to advocate, to support each other and to share and collaborate to promote our community’s capacity to include all citizens.

Goals and Objectives

Sharing amongst ourselves and with others

Value-based training, person-centered planning, sharing philosophies, organizational development, computer programs for inclusion, non-profit incorporation, outplacement counseling, employment, labour relations, cost-effective management, administrative systems, policy and procedure manuals, library resources, behavioral consultations, community support networks, mentoring, resource networking, working through the maze, human resources, equipment, issues and public education.

Working Together Makes Us Stronger

Members/Associate Members:

519 area-code

Tel: 433-7950/ Fax: 433-0282
ATN website

Alice Saddy Association
Tel: 433-2801 / Fax: 433-1435 TTY: 433-2274
Alice Saddy website
scheduling [requires password]

Family Directed Alternative Support Services
Tel: 472-0691 / Fax: 472-0691 (please call before sending fax)

Forward House of London Inc.
Tel: 455-0020 / Fax: 455-5898

Independent Living Residence for the Deaf/Blind in Ontario
Tel: 657-6828  Karen Keyes

L'Arche London
Tel: 641-2262 / Fax: 641-8823
L'Arche London website

New Frontiers Support Services London Middlesex
Tel: 439-8000 / Fax: 439-8759

Participation House Support Services London & Area
Tel: 660-6635 / Fax: 660-1654
Participation House website

St Leonard's Society of London
co 266 Egerton St
London ON  N5X 2G7
Tel: 451-7707 / Fax: 451-1066

Working Together Makes Us Stronger

History of How We Came to Be

In 1991, a group of families were organizing a new support network. They needed help in the form of office space, equipment and administration. Several organizations in London gave freely of their time and knowledge. These organizations formed an informal network to continue to help one another. We have a common vision of the future and have similar philosophical bases. This affiliation of autonomous organizations decided that by sharing human resources, equipment, policies, issue exploration, training and community connections, each organization would gain - yet no one would lose their identity or their particular interest in the people for whom the organizations were created. We share what we have with other groups of people who are struggling to organize and make their voices heard.

Liaisons in the Community

Community Services Coordination Network, Partners in Employment, Community Involvement Council, Provincial Association of Senior Managers, ALP.HA, Human Resource Professionals of Ontario, Ministry of Community and Social Services, Ministry of Health, Thames Valley District Health Council, Fanshawe College, University of Western Ontario, OACL, Ontario Family Alliance, Individualized Funding Coalition, OASIS, LAVA